30 April 2009

New Sunglasses - Oakley Juliet Ducati

Blimey this was a bit of a long drawn out experience. For a while I have wanted a decent pair of sunglasses but as I am a spectacle wearer I've not had any other than a cheap pair for holidays and those few days I sit on the beach!

So before we go to Italy, where I hope it will be very sunny, I thought I'd get a pair of Oakley's. I've ended up with these! A bit over the top I thought when I tried them on, but grew to like the idea. As they are fitted with prescription lenses I am able to claim some of the cost back from my HSA insurance. Luckily.

Even they cost a fortune they don't come with a case. Maybe normal punters would get away with the microfibre string tied bag. Not a lot of use for a biker, even if they are secured in my mini tank bag. So I've been searching the net for a decent deal on a case for them. They are too bloody expensive to leave it to chance!!

Due to various setbacks, it has taken nearly seven weeks for them to arrive. I picked them up last Saturday and walked around town with them, even like a prat I wore then indoors as well! Then I came to ride the bike home from Hythe and the buggers won't fit with my helmet. Or any helmet. The arms are curved and can't open wide enough to get in the visor hole. B*llocks!


Trobairitz said...

I hope you come to love your Oakleys. I bought a pair of Oakley Minutes in Rootbeer with Gold Iridium lenses back in 1998 and I can't go a day without them. I have replaced the lenses once and the temple arms twice as they do not like to fit inside my helmet. Pain in the butt when you break them on a ride. Although with only one temple arm they fit in the helmet better.

I never was a fan until I ownde a pair and now I swear by them rain, fog, or shine.

Cheapest Bloc Hornet Online said...

Glad to see you posting pictures up, great blog from what I can see, keep fighting the good fight and get a good set of shades!

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