21 April 2007

Zega - Panniers are on too!

I wheeled the GS out into the morning sun.

Then pulled the first of the Zega panniers from the box. The air full of expectation...

Removing the lid then loosening the knurled wheels that act as the locking mechanism, then easing the pannier into place. bloody tight fit. The left one is so tight it touches the end of the foot rest bracket where the System panniers fit. It was also hard to get the front fitting off, in the end had to use a rubber mallet to get it to move to get the pannier off....

The right ones goes on much more easily to the rail, but ensuring the lumps of metal that hold it to the rails is a bit tricky as there is little clearance for fingers, or to even see where they are, and whether they have fitted into the slots in the pucks properly.

Boy are they wide.

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