2 April 2007

The tale of the C2 and the headset

When I came to fit the headset into my new C2 I was a little worried that I was going to have to unpick the lining and perhaps even cut parts of the helmet away to get it all to fit.

In the end it was all very stress free. The headset I have is a single speaker in and a rather long cable that leads to a plug that usually hangs about 8 inches from the helmet.

In the Caberg J1S the ear recesses were deep enough and the padding was removable with pop studs fasteners to slip the speaker in behind. The speaker comes complete with a backing disk that fixes to the front part with Velcro. Luckily, the speaker is stitched to that bit. The outer part that is in contact with your ear is brushed nylon.

In the C2 the ear recesses are quite shallow in comparison but if you delve about the can find a further recess, hidden by the lining that is about 1.25ins in diameter. Exactly the right size for the speaker.

Fitting was simply a matter of separating the two halves of the speaker’s outer cover and pressing it into the recess and then using the Velcro already in place to secure it. The C2’s lining isn’t all that plush so the Velcro may need some assistance in staying in place, a stitch or two perhaps.

As the wiring is quite long and I prefer the speaker by my left ear, I had to feed the wiring through the right side of the helmet and around under the neck-roll, pushing it as far as I could to keep it trapped. Once again, the thicker cable to goes to the plug may need a stitch or two just to tack it in place.

I tested it by connecting it all up and then standing by the bike as the Garmin fired up. The sound is much better than it was in the Caberg. I’ll test it on the road later this week.

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