14 April 2007

New jacket - Buffalo Rocket

The search for someone that was willing and able to fix the zip on my HG Jacket was proving fruitless and so I decided to buy a new one. With the expense of the Zegas and the up and coming service weighing heavily on my wallet, I had to look to the cheaper end of the market!

I saw on the Robinson's website that they had a couple of Triumph branded jackets with Sympatex linings at half price. By the time we got over there this afternoon they were history.

But I did see some Buffalo jackets that looked good. Waterproof and one at £49.95 and another at £99.95. The latter looked more well equipped with pockets and all kids of bondage gear to keep it snug fitting, and it fitted pretty well. Although I'll take out the zipped in liner as I prefer a jumper or my Chilli electric vest.

It looks good and hopefully tomorrow I can have a go out on the bike to see how good it is. It comes with CE approved armour in the elbows and shoulders but no back armour. The pocket in the back is the right size for a Knox back plate and I bought one of those as well for £14.99. It does feel like I have a tortoise shell on my back. I'll get used to it I suppose.

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