10 April 2007

Annoying Things!

1) With five minutes to go before the "off" for the Wipers Trip, the zip on my Hein Gericke jacket wouldn't stay done up. Tried a few times and it popped open again with the slider at the top!

Aaaaargh. Luckily, I have an old Frank Thomas jacket int hegarage, rather musty, but wearable. Amazed that it was so big and baggy, even though I've never been that much of a porker! Still it did the job.

Today's job has been to try and find someone that can replace the zip on the HG. It's still in good nick and a shame to ditch it and buy another one. I posted a cry for help on the BMW Club forum and have a suggestion of Dobbs Leathers in Northampton. As it is after shop closing hours I've emailed them.....

2) The Schuberth was painful all day. The helmet itself is a tight fit and I expect the padding to give with wear. it feels more solid than the Caberg and so it should for 2.5 times the price!

The other problem was that the earpiece for the the GPS wouldn't stay in place and kept moving and so needs sorting. It looks as though I am going to have to enlarge the ear recess a bit to make sure it fits further back to give my ear some respite.

3) And then, on the way back, the helmet almost fell off the seat, I caught it and didn't notice that in the bump on the side of the seat it had knocked the little handle off the top vent! Luckily it was closed anyway, but now I need to see if I can get a spare. Not bad for the second time I have worn it!

See pic! I've emailed Schuberth in Germany to ask for assistance and posted on the BMW Club site for help!

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