7 August 2006

Only 5 days to go...

Back to work on the train today and for the rest of the week. The bike's in the garage with the best part of a full tank, the tank bag harness fitted and the tank bag in place. The oil at the top of the window, so it just needs a clean to get most of the dead flies off!

I re-fitted the Alaska sheepskin "buttpads" to both seats. Claire reckons hers had helped with bum numbness and I have to admit the jury is out on mine. They have another chance to prove themselves!

I'm feeling a bit restless, Steve and Bobbie came home yesterday and stayed with us en-route home and we had alook at their photos on the digital cameras. They've been to the Dolimites and went over the Grossglockner and the Stelvio ove the week. I have both on the plan for the next fortnight. At least today, the webcam for the Stelvio shows the snow of last week to have gone, but it's still very misty and cold looking.

As usual Steve took me over all the mods he has done to his FJR1300. As well as heated grips, he has fitted heating elements into the seat both front and rear (bought off EBAY and from a NOS source for a Ford Taunus), and fittings for heated clothing to power the Gerbing jackets and socks etc.

That means we have a decision to make, Joe Rocket and RST mesh jackets... or back to the good old (and trusty) Hein Gerickes?

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