10 August 2006

Hi Viz Vest/Jacket Project

Having spoken a bit too soon I found myself challenged by Tony Young, BMF Region 6 Chairman, to assist the BMF ensure that their Touring information in printed form and on the website was up to date.

I searched the FIM website. Found email addresses for all the major European federations and emailed them to ask if they had any knowledge in their country whether riders need carry and wear a Hi-Viz jacket or vest when attending a breakdown on the highway.

Unsurprisingly, they have been very slow in responding. I extended the email scope to include other bodies in countries, for example the FFMC in France. They replied quickly.

Since then there has been an unsteady trickle... to see where we stand so far, logon to the BMF Touring forum and check out the thread and contents. It goes without saying that if you know something for definite, please add to the thread.

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