17 August 2006

Austria & The Alps Day 6 - Moosham and some passes

Today was supposed to be a run about so I could show Claire Schloß Moosham where the Waßerbüffel Club have their Austrian rally, usually at the end of May.

In the end it was a 175 mile round trip that included the Radstatter Tauern and Twenger passes before Moosham, and the Sölk afterwards.

We had lunch at Moosham, dining on exploding bratwurst. They must have been the most fat filled I have ever seen, almost lethal as the stream of hot fat sprayed about 6 inches. A defence mechanism? Like the infamous Scottish "Haggis" these beasts are known to fight back.

Finding the Sölk proved quite complicated as Doris refused to route that way. She did manage to lead us along a 10 mile gravel road and then lost interest. In the end Mr Michelin's map 730 sorted it out before we rejoined the roundabout route that Doris thought we should be on.

After a late siesta we togged up and rode to the Grundlsee for dinner - more schwein! Early to bed as we have to pack and leave tomorrow for the Grossglockner.

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