23 February 2021

Lockdown 3 Project OM10

I think that this part of the lockdown project may have come to an end.

I decided that the OM10 was far more difficult to get used to using than the IS-10.  The results of the photos that have come back from Harman show that perhaps if I stay with it, black and white may not be my medium.

With the camera set to the right ISO and pretty much middle of the aperture range when it was either bright or middlng weather, the photos all look over exposed. Setting the ISO and the aperture allowed the camera to choose the shutter speed.

A few of them are here.

St Leonard's Church, Hythe

Military Road

Royal Military Canal, Hythe

Royal Military Canal, Hythe

This one of Reggie looks better as a portrait. Getting him to sit still was quite hard!

If I continue with the OM10 I will revert to colour film...

Some more? All taken at St Leonard's in Hythe.  Claire and I were married here in 2000.

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