17 June 2019

The Boss & Carlos

Not together, but two separate albums.

Firstly, pre-ordered "Western Stars" from Bruce Springsteen some months ago. I had heard a few snippets. Bruce away from his E Street Band persona.

A kind of semi-country record with some tracks with a full orchestra.

It took a couple of listens through and it has grown in stature with each listen.

My rating: ****

Secondly. Carlos Santana. One of my all time favourite artists/bands. First saw the band live in the Roman Amphitheatre in Fréjus on the Côte d'Azur way back in the 80's.

This album "Africa Speaks" features a "guest" lead allied to Santana's legendary riffs. You can almost hear the guitar sing.

My rating: ****

Both superb. But need more listen throughs...

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