11 January 2019

Work & Life - The Next Chapter

At 63 I have decided to slow down a little and have been looking at a change to my working hours.

There aren't many options and nearer home there are even fewer job options and that means commuting into London. 

So. I have decided to apply for a change from April 1st to term-time only working. I have been at Islington for over 21 years now.

We already have to take the majority of our annual leave in school holidays as it is. Where that was flexible in that long weekends in term time was possible I will lose that.  

That means that going to Assen in September won't happen. I do have a couple of days where I have already booked and paid for holiday trips away.

We fly to Florida on a Friday, but the rest of the trip is in the Easter holidays. The problem might be the Le Mans GP weekend with the Devallboys. 

I have three days annual leave left to use up before March 31st, and I am hoping a little negotiation will mean I can use them for the three days I need after April 1st.

So what to do with the long summer holiday? The first holiday of the new contract is Florida. So that is spoken for.

I have submitted the request form and my line manager above my line manager has agreed the concept and has agreed that it wouldn't affect the service we offer. Of course more time not at work means less money. There is a hit but it is reduced by the cut in commuting dates and parking, less income tax and national insurance. 

On top of that I will have more days where I don't spend two and a half hours driving to/from the station and sitting on the train going to work and coming back home.

Claire has already started to make lists of what I can do. I was of course hoping to get out on the bike more. Pepé needs to be out more often!

So let's see what the next chapter of life brings.

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