4 July 2018

World Cup - England - Round of 16

After navigating the third of the group games against one of the favourites to win this year's competition, and losing, to Belgium with a vastly changed team, we faced Colombia.

Luckily, by losing 1-0 to belgium England assured themselves in the "easier" side of the draw that would mean avoiding the more dangerous and difficult sides such as Brazil and France, and of course Belgium again!

Of course the meme writers were out in force....

Colombia. were they the force to be reckoned with?  After numerous penalties across the championship for WWE tactics in the penalty area, England went ahead after... you guessed it. Harry Kane wrestled to the ground right in front of the referee.

Despite great provocation for the most part England players behaved well.  No matter how dirty the opponents.  Even resorting to a head butt under the chin from one of their players to Henderson.

In the end it looked as though England would scrape through then with seconds to go, Colombia made it 1-1  from a corner.  Maybe they were thinking of what happened to one of their team in 1994. The shooting of Escobar.

The extra tme period dragged on and both side didn't take the opportunities.  England seemed to gain in strength and then the whistle. Penalties!

England haven't won a penalty shoot-out for, well ever, in a major competition.  The last player to save a penalty for England in a world cup game was Arsenal's David Seaman - twenty years ago.

In the end it was going well. Ospina saved Henderson's poor penalty. Colombia ahead.  The next Colombian crashed his attempt against the bar..... Trippier scored his.... 3-3 with just one each to take before sudden death.... Pickford in the England goal matched Seaman. The whole of England erupted. You could here the cheering across the town.

It was down to another Spurs player, Dier, to win it for England.... Bang. History made. England finally win a shoot-out.

Dier penalty

As usual the England haters, and that covers all the inhabitants of the cold and wet place called Scotland, were out in force moaning that fans were out on the streets celebrating. W@nkers.

Typical reverse racism.  If Russians and Brazilians do it, it kind of okay....Exuberant supporters loving their country....but if we do it. Moan after fucking moan. What I think are known as the Liberal Left that hate anything English despite actually being English were commenting on social media. Depsite the diversity (which they love) was evident in the England squad.....

 What next?  Sweden on Saturday in the last 8 game at 3pm.

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