4 May 2018

Wenger - No fairytale ending

After the defensive cock up last week that saw Atletico Madrid equalise in the last minute of the game, the job in the away leg was always going to be tough.

And it was. In their new stadium Atletico hadn't conceded a goal since January. 

Would the feeble away form, the worst in any of the major European top leagues, be overturned?

Sadly not. Although once again dominating possession resulted on one shot on target to Atletico's five. One of their's was the winning goal.

Once again Diego Costa, the man the commentator described as "born angry" was the man to do the damage. Bullying the centre backs at every opportunity, but the goal came from the Arsenal left back Bellerin watching the game instead of playing.  It only takes a second inattentiveness and boom. Goodnight Vienna.

So no fairytale for Wenger. No Europa League final. No silverware. In a long and glittering career the icing on the cake is a European trophy.

Maybe he'll get one at his next club? PSG anyone?

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