3 May 2018

Samsung S5 or S6

It seems only yesterday that we were in the apartment in Kissimmee and Claire's Samsung S6 phone wouldn't charge. Okay. A First World problem as the saying goes. It was just coming up to two years old.  

A bit of wiggling of the micro-USB cable had little or no effect. So we found a phone shop in Kissimmee Old Town.  They had it for a few hours and determined that the charger slot and the motherboard had a problem. It would charge on the QI plates they had in-store.

I googled and it apparently is a known but ignored by Samsung problem. With loads of forums and technology pages explaining the weakness.  In the end she bought a rather expensive charger dock as the S6 charges through its body.... 

Finally at home I bought another one from eBay that worked as well but is flat.  She then decided as her contract had run out to get a new phone and S6 was condemned to a life in a drawer. She now has One Plus 5 phone. Much better and still android.

I had already taken on using her old S5 and some two years later it's too old to receive software upgrades from Samsung or the telecoms company. Is prone to dying when it feels like it and so I resurrected the S6.

Oddly. I stuck the charger cable in and it charged (expletives deleted) and it has continued to do so for a week or so.  I factory reset it and entered all my Samsung/Google information and it works okay.  It's a bit on the slippery side with it's metal body but otherwise okay.  When I put the SIM card in I found it's locked to O2 and I am with Three UK.  

Another bit of Googling and I found that it can be unlocked by O2 themselves for free.  Find the IMEI code and away you go. Logged in as Claire on the O2 website and entered all that in and clicked the button.

Now we are waiting as they say it can take anything between 24 hours and 7 days for them to do it.....

Rather that put my eggs in the one basket I have ordered a new QI charger to keep at work.  See pic.  It's only a bit more than the plain black or white version.  Plus it comes from the UK and not from China where most of these will originate from.


Captain America's shield arrived. Works a treat. Let's hope the unlock works so I can use the S6 same a phone not on WiFi. 

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