8 May 2018

#MerciArsene Wenger

Well. That's the end of an era. Arsène Wenger has managed his last Arsenal home game the the Emirates Stadium. 

After 22 years he has decided to leave the club.  

For some fans the #wengerout hashtag has been their main cause. Why support the club you profess to love and then constantly want to see games lost so that the manager/coach is sacked or leaves?

Admittedly the decade since we last won the Premier League hasn't been the success that fans got used to. many of these "fans" only came to Arsenal because along with Manchester United we won trophies year in year out.  

In 22 years Arsène Wenger led us to 7 FA Cups, two doubles (FA Cup & League Championship) as well as the 2003/04 season when we became the only club in the modern era  to go a whole season unbeaten - a total in the end of 49 league games without loss. There are 38 games in the Premier League season!

Photo by Neill Devall - my phone locked up at this moment!!!

"The Invincibles". Only one other club has done this and that was Preston North End in 1888!!!

Over the years  Arsène has acted as the buffer between the outside world and the players. Even at their worst he always tried to be positive and that along with the same protection he gave to the board of directors,  headed by US billionaire Stan Kroenke, is his downfall. Kroenke is seen by many fans as nothing more than a carpetbagger.  He came along and bought a majority share holding as the rats with shares saw the $ signs flash up in the eyes.....  

Everyone expected the kind of spending madness that Abramovich brought to Chelsea and Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan has undoubtedly done at Manchester City.  Instead the business plan is to make money not spend it. 

Both the aforementioned clubs were mediocre performers.  Simply Google what silverware was in the trophy cabinets before and after billionaire buy-outs?  Chelsea went 50 years between league wins, but then the money poured in and the club suddenly started winning trophies almost every year since.  Coincidence?

So all that has added up to the glory hunters wanting rid of Arsène Wenger. Now they have their wish and we will never see the like again.

Let's hope we don't have the same problems that Manchester United had when Sir Alex Ferguson, undoubtedly the greatest and most successful  manager in English football, retired.

"Free" t-shirt at home!

Selfie. Me and Helen

What of the game itself?

Arsenal sitting in 6th place (out of 20)  in the table were at home to the team in 7th place.  A win for the visitors, Burnley FC, would see them equal on points but still behind on goal difference.  In the end a vastly changed Arsenal side from the one that lost 1-0 in the Europa League to (favourites) Atletico Madrid on Thursday evening played like the Arsenal we have all (even the #wengerout tossers) come to see and even to expect.  Running out 5-0 winners.

Why did they perform on the day?  For Wenger?  For us? Or for the pride that beating a rival will bring?  Who knows.  But 5-0 was a decent score to end the home season.

Almost forgot. We all got a "free" t-shirt on our seats.  We went down early to get ours in case they disappeared.  In the end the guy and his lad that sit next to us didn't show up and so we purloined their's too.  Neill and I have two shirts each....

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