21 May 2018

Insignia Fix

Finally getting around to getting the damage to the car sorted.

The rear was done over a year ago when someone ran into the car at Sandling Station car park. Hard enough to split the rear bumper/fender. Whoever it was left a trace of dark blue paint lower down than the crack.  I looked for a car that matched that for a while and never saw one! So I expect if it was a regular user they knew they had done it.  CCTV was useless.

The front damage is actually two different hits! Once in the Aldi car park and more recently at the station car park at Folkestone West.

The Aldi damage was dome after dark and we only saw it the next  day.  The scrapes covered by mud so I guess it was a 4WD of some sort. This knock damaged the headlight unit so that it has damp in and it "mists" up from time to time. It passed the MoT though.

The latter has left most of the damage that can be seen below.

On the local residents Facebook page there were recommendations for a small body shop in Hythe. A messenger post and a quick quote of £220.

Will take it down to them for a better look and quote when I get home from holiday.

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