12 January 2018

More old tech 3 - Sanyo CG10

Another trash can digital camera. This one had no battery and no accessories. 

It was dumped in the big bins outside work along with assorted other out of date and badly looked after equipment.

It was probably there that it became detached from its battery and charger.

As ever. I took a punt on it actually working once I had sourced the bits and bobs it needed. Once again it was eBay to the rescue.  I managed to get a battery and charger block for about £8.

It uses a kettle lead (the common 8 shaped one) to connect to the mains.  I'm sure that most people have one or two loafing around. It's very common. Both my Canon 1100D and Claire's Sony dslr have charging blocks that need the same lead.

As for memory.  It takes an SD card. I have a couple of small capacity ones. They sufficed until I decided that it was worth saving.

Latterly I have substituted the SD with an adapter and a MicroSD card combo. Currently 32Gb.

What's it like to use?

All the controls require a very dexterous right thumb.

In video mode it's pretty decent. It has some anti-shake software. The zoom is also quite powerful. Quality of movie is also quite stable.

When in "still shot" mode it oddly changes the view on the screen changing the picture shape and size. What you see is not quite what you get. Sanyo claim 10 megapixel.

The LCD screen folds out from the side and the camera is held like a pistol grip. I am left handed. But as the screen folds out from the left it has to be used right handed!!

Something that left handed we have to get used to.

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