30 May 2017

TomTom 410 - Update

The combination of the "nothing wrong with it" returned from Netherlands 410 and the new car mount means that whilst connected to one of the car's power points the unit is now charging on the go.

On the trip to France we had only one problem where it turned off and wouldn't restart for a few minutes and when it did it thought the route it was following was to take us home.  Home at that time was 560 miles away. Once re-programmed to where we actually going, some 5 miles away, it was fine.

The only fly in the ointment is that the live connection using Bluetooth tethering from my phone to the unit didn't work.  I logged a call with TomTom and with 3UK and it turns out that 3UK blocked it.  3UK being my mobile phone "partner".  

3UK operate a "feel at home" system where whatever you pay for in the UK, data and talk time ( I have unlimited of both & sms) works for no extra charge whilst roaming. But, they block tethering. I guess that stops people downloading huge videos and live streaming over the networks but it also stops people using satnavs and downloading live information once an hour.  The download can be measured in kb not mb or even gb.

This tethering allows TomTom's MyDrive system to keep the unit up to date with problems on the road and allow it to plot a new route to avoid accidents and other things such as traffic jams etc.

A shame that a decent and useful safety item is blocked by the mobile network.

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