24 June 2016

In or Out?

I started this post on the train home on June 23rd but sadly didn't get to post it as the signal was lost.

So here is the original.

I am rushing home as today is probably the biggest day in modern political history. Certainly in my lifetime.

I'm not doing a disservice to all the elections I have voted in since I turned 18, but this is a one-off.

We vote to stay in the European Union or Leave.

Whatever the democratic decision is, tee's no second chance. In or Out.

I also have to walk the dog, go to fat club and go to a classic bike evening.

Guess which one will get dropped?

The bad weather has affected the trains and I am already nearly 45 minutes late. It's raining and thunder is forecast.


We'll that was last night. Tonight.

The vote was a narrow 52 to 48 victory for the Leave campaign. Shock waves through the country and Europe. Loads of vitriol from the losing side and threats of legal challenges.

What did lose? Of course I never got to the  bike meet again! !

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