19 June 2016


This should be a lesson to me. Don't bother to rinse out the gin bottle before putting it in the recycle bin!

Not if it comes with the little marble operated one way valve in the top! Whilst getting that out I inadvertently  chipped a sliver of glass (without noticing) and then trod on it.

It was small but went into my foot like a knife. Cue loads of blood and a great deal of swearing. Once the flow was stemmed and a band-aid applied all seemed fine except the intense pain. 

It was no better the next morning so we went to the minor injuries clinic at our local hospital. A Victorian building serving the people for many years but mostly now empty and derelict waiting the developer to turn it into apartments, but with a more modern wing hanging on with minimal services.

The nurse had a look for any fragments still in there, then took a thick needle and probed about to see if she could feel anything. The pain was incredible. In the end she could find nothing, so she dressed it with something that draws out fragments and sent me on my way.

When I told her I was in Ashford she gave me an x-ray request form. I had that done in the afternoon.
It still hurts a lot this morning but I don't think there is anything in it.

So a lesson learned!!!!

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