9 August 2014

Latics @ Colchester United

Checked on google maps yesterday how long it would take to do a mere 126 miles. With traffic taken into account it came up with over three hours.

Okay. Leave at 11am, get petrol at Ashford and cruise up.

All went to plan. Tesco packed but squeezed to the front. Worst mpg since I had Döra!! I put that down to the 85mph run back from France.

The M20 was free running and Döra in her stride with 75mph on the cruise control.

The traffic to the Dartford Tolls was back to the M20, maybe 4 or 5 miles?  I slipped to the front and was away.

Cruising speed was down to 60 as far as the A12. From time to time we were down to walking pace but about 90 minutes before the game I was in the cafe attached to the services near the ground. A coffee and millionaire slice later I rode the remainder of the journey and parked right by the stadium.

The game started a bit slow and Oldham were under pressure, and conceded the first goal after failing to clear a corner

Then two goals before half time had us singing and dancing... A feeling dashed by another defensive error that led to the Colchester equaliser. In the end 2-2 was fair.   

The run home was done in about 95 minutes. At least mpg should be better.

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Trobairitz said...

A big difference on driving time to and from. That makes me think the ride home was more enjoyable.

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