8 May 2014

At last...

... a chance to get out for a ride.

I feel more and more guilty as I head off for work knowing that behind the garage door, there lies Dora. Waiting to turns her wheels on the road.

With life being so hectic, the time to actually get out and ride seems even more diminished so when an opportunity arises, then it needs to be grabbed with both hands.

It wasn't all that far as it happens. I togged up and as it was actually sunny and warm, I chose the Joe Rocket mesh jacket.

I set off out of Hythe and onto the M20 for a ride, cruise control on, for Dover.  I ended up past the castle and on the White Cliffs.  I stopped at the box at the entrance to the site and the guy said that motorcycles were free.  It's recently gone up to £3.50 for a car, but for that there aqre many marked spaces. Bikes have to squeeze in wherever there is space!

There were a couple of others there although I never saw the riders/pillions at all. When on the bike I always ride through the disabled parking area to the cycle racks and park there.  

As every other time there were no cycles!  There never have been. Even so, I still got a few stares from the matrons out for a stout walk in their stout walking boots and tweeds.  Yes, Dame Margaret Rutherford types are still about!

I had a short walk along to where they are working to improve the path across to the cliffs and the South Foreland Lighthouse to see what they are actually doing. On a Bank Holiday no one was working.

Then it was back to have a cup of coffee in the visitor centre, and who could refuse the offer of a large piece of homemade shortbread......

Not me.

Once I had failed to get the free wifi to work on my phone and drunk and ate. I had a turn through the shop before setting off home again.

In the end I had done less than 30 miles this time, given Dora a run out and was back in time to sit in the garden for an hour or so.

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Trobairitz said...

A nice little jaunt and a sweet treat too.

Sometimes it doesn't have to be an all day ride just a little putt on two-wheels.

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