1 March 2014

Rosie ride out

As it had been sunny, I thought I'd get Rosie out of the garage and put some kms on the odometer.

Since she was delivered almost three months ago, she has managed 19kms.

The appalling wet weather and flooding not conducive to small motorcycle riding, or in fact any motorcycle riding.

So this time I had my proper FT Aqua jacket on and Spada gloves. It was freezing. My body okay and the bodywork does keep the wind off.

On a long straight I had her up to 80kmh but with such a low mileage and still running in I stuck to the more sensible 50 in villages and 60 outside.

Once you get used to putting get down at a junction then it's almost like riding Döra!

I stopped to take a pic by the Light Railway.

The paint is supposed to glow in the dark but I had expected the glow to be pink or maybe reddish! And when it was dark not in full sun!!!

Very odd. If it is dry tomorrow I might take her up to meet the other in members at the cafe!


Trobairitz said...

Wow, the paint really changed in the sun.

I bet that felt a lot lighter and more nimble than Dora.

Paul Devall said...

Nimble yes, but the suspension not really up to the roads around here.

Might be okay in the city on the smooth roads in town but in the country it makes for one hell of a bumpy ride.

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