11 July 2013

Which Mobile Provider?

Over the last year or so I have become increasingly frustrated at the service afforded to me by Vodafone.

I pay £36 a month for the privilege of owning an out of date iPhone 3GS with 600 minutes of talk time, unlimited SMS and 500mb of data.

You'd think for this princely sum that Vodafone would have, over the years they have been business, got their network to cover 100% of the UK.

But they haven't. The penny pinching privatise and tax the steam of your pee (if they could) government fails to collect any tax off these parasites whilst selling them 4G licences.

FFS! They haven't got 3G sorted yet!

So from 24/7/13 my contract will lapse and I am on the hunt for SIM only contract.

The iPhone I can live with for now. Even the idiosyncrasies with predictive text can be overcome.

I can only assume that Apple employ a chimp, not the brightest of the bunch, otherwise he would be living life free, that was taught English by a baboon that was fluent only in showing his red arse to passers by and Yupik.

How else can if become of when not required, but let completely erroneous words such as gibblethwarch go through without suggesting a proper word alternative?

Anyway, back to a mobile network provider.

Of the big boys there are O2, EE (the unnatural mating of Orange and T-Mobile) and 3. And of course incompetent tax dodging Vodafone.

Plus a range of others that piggy back on the above... Tesco for instance on the O2 network.

The one benefit of Vodafone is the upgrade, where for £3 a day you can roam and use your monthly allowance.

It means going on holiday doesn't cost you the sunburned arm and leg in charges.

That rules out 3. No roaming package.

Tomorrow I'll try and find the O2 and EE shops.

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