9 July 2013

Tonight's job..

I ordered the Givi plate for Döra on Sunday night and it arrived today. "Left with a neighbour" the email said.

Then Claire emailed to say it had arrived next door.

When the instructions say that things can be fitted with ordinary hand tools I usually don't believe them.

They are right. There are no written instructions just an exploded diagram. 

The tools needed are two Allen keys that I have no idea what size, but luckily I had them. Spanners are 12mm and 10mm.

Firstly remove the Triumph plastic plate, then fit a couple of wings that will take the rack itself.

Then with deft fingers fit the top plate.

 It looks pretty good.

The Givi E45 that I have was a bit dirty and so I have washed it and it wasn't ready for fitting!!

Should be okay for the weekend or maybe open the wallet again.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Looks good.

I am happy with my Givi set up so far. Was pretty easy to install which was nice.

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