17 July 2013

Today's Conundrum?

Got home a little early and hauled Döra and Claire out to put a few miles under the rubber.

In the end we had a run to Dover on the M20. Still stuck with 3500 revs I banged the cruise control on and we got most of the way from Hythe J11 to Dover at about 61mph! Cruise control is a great idea and useful when a constant low rev needs to be engaged, but until I get used to it, having a five inch long thumb is required.

Slipping past the trucks on their way to the port. At least now I am over the 100 miles barrier and the revs can be increased to 5000!

So to the conundrum? Where to put Baloo?

Face of an angel?

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

You'll just have to wander around the bike putting Baloo here and there to see where he seems to fit right.

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