24 July 2013

Thankful Villages Run

It's not usual that I double post to several blogs at the same time, this run is very important to me and so I'm going for max coverage.

Dougie and Medwyn set off on Saturday to ride around the country to visit all 51 of the Thankful Villages.

The Thankful Villages are the ones that rightly gave thanks that after WW1 all the men that went to fight for King and Country from their village came back alive.

It says a lot that only 51 villages were that lucky.

The run is if course for charity; the aim being to collect money for the Royal British Legion.

I won't go into Legion history as that is available on the 'net simply by using Google.

Suffice to say that even now, 99 years since the "war to end all wars" began in Sarajevo, we still have troops deployed across the globe. And men and women are being wounded and killed wearing the uniform of their country.

War is still ultimately senseless and in the most part futile, but until it stops forever we need organisations like the RBL to care for and provide help to those servicemen and women that need it once they are back from campaigns and who need it most. Often overlooked by governmental agencies.

I have been very lucky. I had a choice and chose not to take the Queen's Shilling, but I always support those that did and continue to serve.

I (with Döra) will be at Knowlton on Tuesday morning to meet Dougie and Medwyn and ride with them to London.

More about the run itself is on www.thankfulvillagesrun.com

If you can't join us in Kent, check where the run is near you and maybe get the bike out and go and see them. To ride along is free but that £5 in your pocket will be gratefully received in donation.


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