28 July 2013

Sunday Ride

With about 80 miles to go to meet my minimum mileage for the first service we needed to get out.

Yesterday's thunder and lightning might have passed but the forecast didn't look too clever with the sky grey and overcast.

We chose to go to Sissinghurst Castle Garden, about 25 miles away. The first stop was Waitrose in Ashford for the free latte before the A28 run to the Castle.

The A28 used to be a fast road with a few 30mph villages, now the nanny state has reduced most of it a hotch potch of 40 and 50 limits that simply spoil it.

The ride was pretty good and for s Sunday in July hardly any really awful drivers out about.

Pix taken on Claire's iPhone 4S......

And now a little nearer the first service.


Trobairitz said...

Claire is smiling. I take it she is enjoying the new bike too.

Can you send a little of the rain our way? Oregon isn't supposed to get this hot but it has been lately. No happy medium anymore.

Paul Devall said...

Getting there. She is a little nervous so it will take a little time to get the distances increased.

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