4 July 2013

Not all news is good news!!

I had an email today, firstly the good news. Döra is ready to ride away on Saturday instead of Sunday.

Then there's the bad news... The panniers haven't arrived, nor have the spotlights! Damn.

A bit of a shame, but I suppose I can wait for the first service.  As I decided not to have the topbox option, it looks like I'll have speed up the delivery of the Givi top-plate so I can use my existing big top box.


Trobairitz said...

Well at least it isn't the other way around. Would really be a bugger to have the lights and panniers here and no bike.

I am happy that the bike is ready a day early for you. Have a great ride home on it.

Paul Devall said...

To be sure! I can't wait until tomorrow, but as my Gran used to say, "don't wish your life away".....

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