21 July 2013

Knowlton Sunday

Today's ride out added a few miles to the odometer, not enough to make a great deal of difference so it looks like a day going to work is needed to knock off a load and perhaps go to the London Motorcycle Museum run with the Kent Centre next weekend.  Both of them will rack up about 300 or so.

With the Thankful Villages Run a week away, I thought I'd ride over to Knowlton and see where the "Bravest Village in the UK" actually is.  In fact, it's not in the village but on the side of the "main" Sandwich Road.  I say main, but in the time I was there were obly three cars and a cyclist that passed by. Across the fiels is the Chillenden Windmill.

Each time I go out the engine is becoming more "willing", spinning up quickly and seeming eager to get going.

More information: http://www.hellfirecorner.co.uk/TV/knowlton.htm

The pictures are okay, but as the monument is south of the road and so was the sun... They are the best I could get.

Chillenden Windmill


Trobairitz said...

Steady as she goes. It sounds like the miles are climbing, just not as fast as you'd like.

That windmill is huge!

Paul Devall said...

It was about half a mile away and on full zoom on the Sanyo.

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