6 July 2013

AMRR 2013

Today was the GS's last run as part of the Devall family. I set off about 0830 and got Claire to take a photo of me on the bike for the last time leaving home. It was already hot (by UK standards) although maybe not Death Valley hot.....

Setting off the last time

My brother Neill "Woody" Devall was on his new Triumph Print GT SE.


We met another couple at Nell's Cafe on the A2 near Gravesend.  Mark and Julie arrived on a lovely Suzuki TL1000S.  Unfortunately there was a "spark" problem and they waved us off.  

We passed RAF Duxford, where some of the film "Battle of Britain" was filmed in just about 50 minutes from Nell's, as the traffic was pretty light, arriving at Cambridge Services in about 70 minutes. 

We spent the next 75 minutes chewing the fat and looking at the bikes that had assembled for the run. Just before the run kicked off, we saw Mark and Julie arrive.

In the end I had a 240 mile round trip in glorious weather. A great day to show respect to the allied servicemen killed in WW2.

The US cemetery has 3800 graves and over 5000 names on the Wall of those that were never found. One of them is Glenn Miller.

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