8 June 2013

Suzuki Test Day

Unfortunately I had to go on my own and so there is no photographic evidence of me astride the megalith that is the M1800R.
The road tests were undertaken by Suzuki GB and Alford Brothers in Folkestone.

Signing in was relatively easy and they took a photocopy of the full driving licence and kept it whilst you were out.

After a short pep talk from the Suzuki guy (who was going to lead about six of us on the road) saying to be careful of the forward pegs and the under steer, we were mounted and ready for a short course of about twenty minutes.

I got to ride the big red and white one.  First impressions are that it is very heavy and next, it is very wide. Both are expelled as soon as it is moving.
Starting the engine is a simple clutch in, even in neutral, and side stand up. Seat height is low but not as much as I have found on a couple of Harley's I have tested.  The tank however is very wide. it has a sort of leather bib on it to stop it getting scratched. I guess if you have iron balls then you might damage it.
So clutch in, stand up. Press button and release a thunderous racket from the exhausts. Blip the throttle and there is a rasp.  

Once on the road the five gears proved as the pep talk suggested, the torque must be massive as roll-on in any gear is impressive.  

As we joined the M20 for a few miles the others cleared off and I waited for a nice straight line and then opened the trottle. No lag, no hesitation, the digital rev counter in the top of the headlamp cowel slunk along to 6000 rpm. The redline is at 8000!
Looking down at the tank mounted speedometer showed three figures. "Er yes officer 69.5mph!"
The seat was comfortable. Even at the 69.5 (ahem!) speed the wind was just a little intrusive but I am sure Suzuki or an after market company will sell a small screen to deflect the wind off the rider.
Handling wasn't too bad. Even on the twisty A20 back to Folkestone I was able to keep up with the others, on a variety of sports and Bandits/SV's. Even the bend with the adverse camber was okay on this monster.
Generally handling is understeer, but a little lean and thought and it turns okay. The lack of ground clearance champhered off the heel of my right boot!  My fault, too enthusiastic. Annoying though.
All in all a great bike for one up mega cruiser riding. I need to have two seats and a screen. At under £11k it is much cheaper than any of the comparable big Harleys and the power?  HD can whistle for that.

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Trobairitz said...

That is a mighty big machine. Looks nice in red and white though.

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