2 June 2013


Today was the first day of the resurrection of the GT. I tugged her out the garage and she was a little heavy, the tyres being a little deflated.
I gave her a wash and brush up, tidied up a few problem areas.
The new Motobatt went in and the electrics fire up okay. She won't start yet as there's no petrol and the carbs need cleaning and the floats adjusted.
I removed the damaged grips and prepared the surfaces for the new ones. The problem on the throttle side is that the end of the throttle slide is cracked but I couldn't get the switchgear retaining screws undone to access the throttle cables.
So nice and clean she is back in the newly tidied garage.
Until the fourth day....

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Sounds like you are on the way to getting her race ready.........

I bet it felt good to get it out of the garage and cleaned up a bit.

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