15 August 2012

Three days to The Big Kick Off

Now that the Olympics is out of the way, it's time to turn our attentions to the Premiership kick-off.  The first home game at the Emirates on the 18th at home to Sunderland.

As usual with the Arsenal, things will drag on until the last day with players expressing an interest in leaving, but at least this year, rather than wait until deadline day, Arsene Wenger has signed three players and there may be others any day soon.

Last year the club seemed to have their heads in the sand when it was pretty obvious that Cesc Fabregas was going to leave and return to his home club in Barcelona.  And even worse, they seemed to have a collective disregard for the fact that Samir Nasri was bound for the exit and a bus trip to Manchester City.

This year Wenger was quick off the mark to sign Lukas Podolski from Cologne. A proven striker in the Bundesliga and at international level with Germany.  Next came Olivier Giroud. The top scorer in Ligue 1 last season with the French Champions Montpelier.

Pod was already in the bag before Robin van Persie decided that he wanted to go "to win trophies" at another club. of course, after one season where he has played more games than ever, was the league's top scorer, he decides to quit now. 

Loyalty seems a thing of the past. How many of today's "stars" will be one club men?  In an age where they are earning £50000 a week at 18, what price loyalty?

Arsenal have had RvP on the payroll for eight years. In the first 7 he was injured and unavailable for selection for large parts of the season. One year he made 22 appearances from a possible 55. hardly good value for money?

His reward was to sit on his arse earning £45000 a week, or whatever, and then as soon as he manages a full season, he wants away.  What about the 7 years the club looked after him?  Forgotten.

Then when the Arab bubble at Malaga burst, we were able to bid and get Santi Cazorla. Not exactly at a knock down price, but a decent buy all the same.

All three started the last pre-season game at Cologne on Sunday and looked good on the ball. Hard to judge as Cologne were relegated from the top flight in Germany at the end of last season, and as well as Pod they have lost other top players.  

So we look forward to the season with more enthusiasm than last August!

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