1 August 2012

Star Letter - Fame at last!

Star Letter
Finally I have won something. Okay I don't count a few lottery wins that about cover the entry cost, but a proper prize.

Thanks to the BMW Club for the accolade.

I'd like to thank everyone that made it possible, too many to name. This award is as much yours as it is mine.

The Star Letter was a simple report on a great idea that Jim Sanderson, a serving fire officer in Kent and some work mates devised and run in Kent.  "Biker Down" is a training scheme aimed at bikers and is to give you the basic skills for if you are first on the scene at a bike accident.

The course is free to Kent people and it has been so successful that other fire services across the UK are looking at it as a way to maybe reduce deaths and serious injuries when the inevitable accident occurs.

The Prize
The Star Letter won me a "Throttle Rocker". Made in Germany to help with throttle open and close on what I guess would be long journeys to take the strain off the wrist and hand. By the looks of the picture it was tested on a BMW heated grip equipped handlebar. 

I guess it will work in all bikes and scooters. I'll test it at the weekend and let y'all know.

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