9 August 2012


I used this website to track trips I was on back in 2009. Then it fell out of favour for me as having to SMS the gps position was a bit of a chore.

The idea was to be able to let my family know where I was when I was away and keep track of where I had been.

The trip on POI66 is called an album.  You can only have only one album live at any time.
iPhone Screenshot
With the rise of the iPhone there are many similar apps available that make sending an SMS to the POI66 website a little redundent, however, POI66 now has an app.

Firstly I logged onto the website to create an "album" to add to and then downloaded and installed the app. so far so good.

Using the instructions of the website I found how to set the app up. There are a few strange bita that I didn't understand at first, then most of them are explained.
In my test I found I was logging waypoint after waypoint even when my butt was firmly placed where I am as I type this.  Check the instructions again and set the "logging time" to 1800 as it is in seconds!  I'd prefer it if the app didn't have automatic sending and you simply pressed the "update now" button to send. But setting at 1800 seconds might mean that I can log in to the app, bang off a waypoint and then close it before it racks up loads and loads.
I deleted the first test as it was looking very strange. I guess it is something to do with the gps accuracy as even my album showed me with half a dozen waypoints. Unless the couch I am sitting on, laptop in lap and phone on the seat next to me, is motorised and I have been driving around Hythe, then there is a problem.

The new test is called Puntocracy and after some editting I have removed all but the first waypoint.  Let's see how it works tomorrow on the trip trip to work.

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