15 August 2012

Paralympic Tickets

Collecting the tickets wasn't as painful as I had expected.

The signposting is pretty clear from the International station across to the Olympic Park.

The 2012 box office!
I arrived a little early as the box office doesn't open until 10am. At 9.50am I was in a queue of 1.

By the time the windows opened I was suddenly at the front of a small group. Paperwork and photo id checked and by 10.10am I was in Caffè Nero checking the tickets and the free (inclusive) day travelcards that are included in the £15 ticket.

After a coffee I followed the clear signposts to the Overground and at my desk in Islington at about 10.50am.

Now looking forward to getting inside the park to check out the marvellous looking buildings they have put up especially for the Games.

Must make sure I take the Canon and not rely on the iPhone.

#greattobebritish @mayoroflondon @invictamoto

Tickets for the football

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