18 August 2012

New watch!

What a marvel. The Chinese seem to be able to make and sell stuff at such low prices. It is far cheaper to buy a watch on eBay than replace batteries on a decent bit of kit!

This one was £3.99 inc postage from Hong Kong. Batteries for my Fossil are £3 for the one that powers the seconds counter LCD, and £4.99 for the bigger one that powers the watch and turns the hands.

The smaller one lasts about 6 months and the other one about a year.

Let's see how this novelty lasts!!


Trobairitz said...

I have never seen a watch like that. It looks just like a band only. Does it really change with the time?

Invicta Moto said...

Sadly you have to press a button. But it does look like a manly wristband! :)

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