17 August 2012

Cover Picture: GS & Tiger

Blog Cover Picture - 17/8/12
I changed to this cover photo after being reminded of this shot by someone looking at it on Flickr where it resides in a set called "R1150GS".

It was taken outside Port Lympne Animal Park near where we live.  Claire works on an industrial park across the road (to the left of pic) and has for many years. It's a little dark as it was taken on an iPhone as the sun was beginning to set.

The Aspinall Foundation is world renowned for its work with Tigers and Gorillas at Lympne and the other park, Howletts near Canterbury.  Both have a large number of endangered species like Rhinos.

The building just visible in the top right corner is one of the few remaining buildings left over from when the area, where the animal park and the industrial park are now,  was part of RAF Lympne.

There are a few buildings that remain and a few of them are here left now to the sheep to munch the grass around. There were a number of others on the industrial park across the road including part of the departure lounge for the civilian flights that used Lympne until the 1970's, but these were demolished about 15 years ago.

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Trobairitz said...

Great choice for a header pic. The sign is very striking.

It is nice that you gave a little history of the area too. Thanks.

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