10 August 2012

POI66 - Puntocracy

A little disappointed in this app.  I entered way-points at Westenhanger Station and again once I arrived at work to see a journey that was about 75 miles long with three way-points marked. Nada.

It looks as though starting the app on the phone and letting it find your location, see pic on left, entering a note and then clicking "Update Now" doesn't work.

It seems a shame that it doesn't work so I am going to log a call, there is an email address on the "i" page in the app and see if something else needs to be done?

After a few goes I sent an SMS to the number with the co-ords that the app had provided.

When I logged into the website from the laptop, there were about 6 new waypoints, all at the same time and slightly different places to what I had sent in the SMS. These may have been the app working and the accuracy down to the gps location?

After deleting all the added waypoints from today, the map of your album just shows the start point, I sent another SMS with a note to see if that makes it and roughly how long it takes to feed through the system to the album.

The SMS didn't arrive so I logged in and deleted the phone and re-applied it. It now looks like SMS is working. Now I need to check the app, but to do that I need to go somewhere to give a different location.

Have entered all the setup information again and again and the app is still NFG.Shame as properly developed, or made to work (!) it would be good.

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