4 August 2006

St Nicks Rally - December 1-3rd 2006

Each year we have a day trip across to Ostend for the St Nicks Rally. I've been across every year since 1985 and have only missed two years. Once when I was in the Czech Republic working and once when the TDM went phut in 1999 on the way home from work in appalling conditions. Until that year we always stayed for the weekend and then the "traditional" hotel closed and we went over to day trips.

This year the rally will take place over the weekend December 1st to 3rd, and so the day trip will be the 2nd.

Our plan is quite simple, a reasonably early Shuttle, usually 0828 or so, then a motorway ride to Veurne where we always stop for a break and some of the group have a breakfast.

Then the coast ride to Ostend. It's been a few years since we went on the ride around with Santa. We tend to arrive in Ostend and park up where he arrives and then disperse into the town to look about, shop, have lunch and buy chocolates. On more than one occasion we have been at lunch when he arrives and then clears off!

It's usually a good day out.

If you fancy a weekend of it, then the organising club can arrange hotels for you, but it you want to join a small group, then Mark Seager (mark.seager@ukonline.co.uk) of the Suzuki Owners Club will be all too pleased (I expect!) to hear from you...

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