3 August 2006

Rain, rain, rain

As it looked like rain I fitted the waterproof inner lining to the Joe Rocket jacket.

And it works, the outer mesh jacket got wet but I was dry inside. The pockets on the outside were soaking wet. However, the inside left pocket, where I keep my wallet was dry and the huge faceshield pocket was just a little damp. Not bad for 70 miles of rain and spray.

The ride to work wasn't much fun, between the rain and spray on the M20 it was a nightmare.

So many w*nkers driving with no lights or damned sidelights! I caught a wave of spray and it turned out to be a Polish bus, Orbis, overtaking a Dutch registered truck, no lights, impossible to see anything. Good job I wasn't riding like a maniac.

Even so, in the middle lane to over take slow trucks (are there any British trucks left?) the outside lane was full of cars doing at least 80. Mad or what?

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