16 August 2006

Austria & The Alps Day 4 - Firework Night

On our walk into Aussee earlier, we saw a poster for a grand firework party in nearby Altaussee, so after read of our books in the sun we had a ride out there.

Firstly dinner, ate too much and felt too pogged to walk, but set off anyway 'zum see'.

After a long walk we decided to get the bike for when it was all over. Parking was easy, the coppers waved us by all their posts and we parked up by the lake. Some people were buying tickets but didn't seem to worry we hadn't got one.

We joined a load of others on a pontoon on the lake. The display took ages to start but when it did it had a microlight flying in darkness trailing three trails of fireworks.

After a long lull we went and sat on a picnic table to wait for what appeared to be people to climb to the top of the surrounding mountains. By then we went back to the bike for a quick getaway. As we set off the fireworks crashed into life. Blimey, they were loud and we seemed to be at Ground 0.1! In the sky was another human firework, this time a paraglider trailing flames and sparks. As the show died down we set off back to the hostel with Doris giving excellent advice.

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