14 August 2006

Austria & The Alps Day 3 - 1800

GS and fountain
Was it really only ten hours ago that we awoke to the familiar sound of pissing rain? Of course it was. What's new?

Anyone stupid enough to holiday in western Europe in August gets what they deserve; summer was in July for three weeks only.

So what was supposed to be a no-bike day became a yes-bike day! It meant for around four hours we did the tourist bit in Salzburg in full waterproofs. How glad I am that we chose Hein Gericke jackets over the vented ones we both bought this summer.

One success was finding a locksmith shop and finally getting a 2nd key for the top box. Not cheap at €14.50, but cheaper than a BMW lock set. :-).

We had goulash for lunch at a beer garden that had a big awning and then a miracle, it stopped raining. Yes really.

In years to come people will sing and rejoice about the almost three hours they had on August 14th when it actually stopped raining. Hallelujah! I'm sure if Mozart was still alive he would have been writing another symphony.

Looks like we'll snack in tonight like last night as it saves getting wet again. Tomorrow is a public holiday... More pissing rain? Who would be mad to vote against?

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